Audio Video Door Entry

Audio Video Door Entry

MODIS video doorphone solution enables easy and convenient door communication. Our solution built to ensure that owners and visitors understand each other well already at the door. Besides, it’s possible to integrate with security system to control for concerned things like as door access control system, lift control system, so on … to bring higher security level to whole project.

Whether detached house/villa, housing estate, or commercial property: MODIS has the appropriate solution for each requirement.

video door phone content panel

We have many models which are different from outlook and function as well so that they can be suitable with our customers' requirement

 fermax kin panel  fermax wit monitor fermax guard unit 

Multi-Apartment entrance panel

(Located at Lift lobby)

WIT Indoor monitor - Available with smarthome App installed

(Located inside apartment)

Concierge monitor | Guard unit

(Located at guard house or FCC room)

 fermax meet panel 1l  fermax liftcontrol fermax neo monito 

Individual entrance Panel

(Located at front of apartment door)

Relay module for lift control interface

(Located at lift motor room)

NEO indoor monitor

(Located inside apartment)


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