Burglar & Fire Alarm

Burglar & Fire Alarm

MODIS builds up complete intrusion detection and fire alarm systems that can detect occupancy, motion detect, glass breaks, heat and smoke detect, fence and barrier penetration as well as motion and forced entry. Our burglar & fire alarm solution provide the ultimate protection of life. We can work with you to find the appropriate level of security for your facility and your budget.

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Besides, we also have the technology and knowledge to deliver high-quality burglar & fire alarm systems in a wide range of buildings, applications and markets. Plus, we complement our products with tools and resources to support contractors, engineers, building owners in the design, installation of fire alarm systems


Addressable system

Conventional system

sistemaanalogico detnov

sistemaconvencional detnov

The Detnov addressable fire system has been specifically designed to cover all functional and aesthetic requirements in its entire product range to cover from the smallest installation to the protection of large installations. The Detnov's conventional system adapts smoothly to any construction thanks to its easy installation and simplicity of use. With the certification of its products, Detnov has created an ideal range for those installations where the balance between functionality, simplicity and aesthetics is necessary


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